Thursday, June 01, 2006

Aisha, Mayinja's heart throb

Aisha, Mayinja‘s heart throb
Ronald Mayinja is the voice behind the hit, Tuli Kubunkenke. Loosely translated, this means 'being on tension' and that is exactly what he went through in the wake of the popularity of the song, early this year.
“One day, I received a phone call from someone who claimed to have called from Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI). He told me to report to CMI and added that that I had a choice to turn up or to decline. Out of fear I lied that I was in Masaka for a show when I was in Kampala," Mayinja recalls. So, did the song have any political connotations?
UNTAINTED: Mayinja and Aisha relax at home
"This is a song I sang after research and from the heart. I know it had an effect on a number of people in their respective capacities but had no political connotations. It is basically a song about social issues because all of us have at one point gone through a problem and it was exactly because of that, that I sang the song," says Mayinja.
Like many upcoming artistes, Mayinja's struggle to break through was not easy . He began singing in 1996 after his A-level. He was inspired by veteran artiste Elly Wamala (R.I.P). He released his first album Sinzoba in 1996, which was received with fairly good response. He also used to mime at Pride Theatre where other upcoming artistes performed. He was talented and soon Univox mirrors band took him on.
His popularity rode on his song Necklace, which sold out. Around the same time he teamed up with friends Geoffrey Lutaaya, Mesach Semakula, Fred Maiso, Fred Seruga and Grace Sekamatte to form Eagles Production band.
With a good reputation as a musician something was still missing in Mayinja's life. He needed someone to make it complete; someone who was open-minded, kind, patient, focussed and resilient. He found the girl of his dreams in Najjanankumbi, at a friend's place. Soon he found himself making more visits even when there was no match to watch. "One of the things I found very attractive about Aisha was the way she carried herself.


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