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The cream of the crop

Young Achievers

Elijah Kitaka, 27-True African
In his first year at University, Elijah Kitaka was already optimistic for bigger dreams in the life ahead of him. His mind set was tuned to changing the face of the Ugandan job market. This was the time when age and one’s qualifications were big issue before any company could take you on. Versed with his computer knowledge, felt he could generate an income even without a conventional job.
As early as 19, Elijah had a vision of establishing a long-term investment like a company registered and functional in all legal binding so he joined one of his lawyer friends. He wanted a company as an entity. The reality of his dream was Computer Software Systems (C.S.S). He wanted to start with software-powering websites, just the same things True African is currently doing.
The reality was the establishment of long hopeful dream that led to the first commercial internet services under his True African company.
“In 1998 I got a few partners, friends of mine who could also do the work. There were a few people with ICPs in town and through my clients, I got into a partnership and we started a project which started as Sanyu Africa. I realized he had a lot of equipment and resources that were under-utilized so I sat down and wrote a business plan of some ideas I had. I told him what I wanted to do and we made an agreement and off we started,” Elijah recounts.
That is how Sanyu Africa started and was on TV a few times; however just along the way, the partners got some complications. Elijah pulled out and then started True African. This was around 2000. For the new venture, Elijah wanted to do something in the in the line exuding information and communication business.
“I got four people to help me start that-mostly in terms of skill. I recruited people I knew could do programming, people that were system administrators and knowledge in the computer field at the time. We started the project and it went well. We delivering what we considered critical information to people cheaply, effectively and conveniently,” he adds. SMS was definitely one of these ways and started working off a sim card before they could go to MTN or any network. There were the sites, which had a lot of business information, and more profiles it presently has. Well, the idea was well received and the young proprietors were focused-they had a business plan and knew were the money would come from and precisely had began seeing some of it. With the success, D.Mnet also doing something similar partnered with Elijah’s and True African was strengthened in membership size and skills. From then, it was aggressive marketing. Through the short lifespan of True African, Elijah speaks with authority as one of Kampala’s young achievers. On his list of clients are big companies like MTN, UTL, Nile bank. In addition, is some good equipment that does media monitoring. He currently cruises a cool Audi 50, plus the company is consistently growing.
Well, for the challenges Elijah is quick to point out the set back he faced when thieves broke into his house that at the time doubled as the company office. They thieves took off with all the computer only leaving behing the CPUs. This setback left them back at square one but did not give up.
Angela Crystal Newman Kavulu 26-P.R.O Kampala Casino
She is confident, extremely hard working, of integrity, fun loving, and to add-would add quite receptive. For her funs, she is simply the best sound on radio and just a person anyone would love to meet. Her talk is inspiring which reveals to you the hardworking lady in her. Her name is Crystal Newman Kavulu, a presenter at Sanyu FM and Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) for Kampala Casino. She graduated from Makerere University where she did Mass Communication. She had a friend at Sanyu who connected her there. She passed the voice test and henceforth taken on.
Well, she recently left the spinster world and she is married to Mr. Fred Kavulu with whom they already have a kid. She will not feel comfortable revealing the type of car she drives but believe me it tells the success of the lady who sits behind its wheels.
For all the young folk out there-don’t, be meek. Make your try at self discovery and in that way your prospective employee can have the courage to take his risk on you. Just do not think of life as a smooth sail, people are out there anticipating to take advantage of especially you because of your weak spots.

Dorcus Inzikuru, 23- World Champion, athletics
The 2005 IAAF season has seemed to be rolling in the right direction for Inzikuru. From a humble background of Verra Ezuku in Arua, Dorcus last month ran her way to the historic achievement when she won the first world women's 3,000 metres steeplechase Title giving Uganda its first gold medal in the 22-year history of the World Athletic Championships ever since huddle champion John Akibua. To see her through her success has been her manager Lambogini.
Dorcus Inzikuru started her track career in 1995 with his home district team Arua Athletics club during her primary school days at Mvara primary school. She won the district 5,000m competition in a commendable 19 minutes and 30 seconds when she was only 13 years old and this caught an eye of the national governing Federation then Uganda Amateur Athletics Federation (UAAF) that encouraged the district to prepare the runner for national championships. She was named on the national team that was going to represent the country at the 2000 world junior championships in Santiago, Chile. She surprised Ethiopian star Meseret Defar in the 5,000m final and won the country’s only gold medal at the meet.
In 2004, she broke her own record at an IAAF Grand Prix meet held in Belgium and also qualified officially for the Olympic games that were held in Athens but unfortunately she couldn’t go beyond the first round of the race after suffering from a right knee injury with only a couple of days to her race in Athens.

Xenson Ssenkaba Samson, 28 -Founder Urban Fashion Brand
He is fit to be rightly described as an ambitious artiste who has tried to keep good pace with what he can do best and for this you could let it pass when he chores to come out unique. A rare thing to come across having a name starting with letter ‘X’. He says this stand for extravagant, excellent, exclusive, excessive, extreme, exotic, exhilarating, exquisite, extra-ordinary and you could have him go on and on. He graduated with a first class degree from the School of Fine art in Makerere University. During his stay at University, he was president of the Fine art students association and entertainment minister of entertainment in the former Northcote hall. When Studio on Mnet came to Uganda, they featured him as part of the breed of the country’s new artistes and designers. This was December last year.
At 28, he is founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Urban Fashion Brand-Xenson, owns Xensona multimedia Art Company dealing in art, graphic design, and interior design Graffiti advertising and corporate branding.
Xenson’s artistic content is all about urban culture inspired by a tradition.
“I look at my accentual past then try to incorporate it with the modern day philosophies to get what you call urban ethnic because before you know where you are going you need to know your history,” Xenson points out. His art is multimedia. It is a mixer of performance art poetry and the sot. He has s studio in his studios inn Nina.
He has had his live graffiti performances in Nairobi at the World Bank sponsored Aids concert. In Tanzania, he was there for the hip/hop concert his skill was given a knob and in Kigali he met designers from UK, South Africa, Gabon and Senegal. At the beginning of this year, he was in Germany where he spent three months. He had gone for an exhibition workshop. In Germany, he left a graffiti wall of fame. He has also been to France where he visited a number of art galleries of some of the big designers down there.
Next month he looks forward for a trip to West Africa in Niger, Senegal and Nigeria where he will present a collection. The winner in the festival will win a sponsored trip to France for two months plus other benefits. Well, you can as well call him the jack-of-all-trades but he is also one of the founders for the hip/hop foundation in Uganda

Steve Jean, 28-Producer and Proprietor Fenon Studios
Steve Jean has done his thing for quite sometime. He started as an artiste in the early 1990s. To date you will he owns Fenon studios which have churned most of the big hits in the land. He has produced hits of local stars like Titi Tabelle, Michael Ross, the Blu*3, his own tracks among other artistes.
When asked about just how he feels about all that has come his way, he simply brushes this off jokingly wit a smile claiming he has not yet got there.
Well, he done thing out there in the States and despite the fact that he wouldn’t disclose what he has to his name Steve Jean undoubtedly stands out as one of the biggest producers in the country.

Seanice Kacungira, 23-Brand manager Sanyu FM
Seanice been in radio for the last half decade and she says its something she has enjoyed immensely and true it is because this has also enabled her break through into many other areas.
Her principal on life is Do it if love it and if do not then leave it. Simple! She does everything with a passion and this has inspired through a progressively successful career trend. Seanice started out at Clouds FM in Tanzania on which she hosted a late night show. She came back to do her A-level and went back to Tanzania during her vacation. She switched stations to East African FM. At East African FM, she was producer channel director where she was charged with over seeing the different communications there. She was the youngest administrator in the whole establishment. When she came back for her University she was spotted by Sanyu FM. While still in Tanzania she also served as a dance instructor at one of the International school for six months, which she did alongside he main job. She recently resigned her job as P.R.O of Kabira Country Club due to the accumulated workload on her.
For her sweat, she has managed to buy herself a chunk of land in one of Entebbe’s posh corners. In addition she runs a private promotions and event managing company-Blue Flamingo. Her latest wheel is Pajero short Chassis. Seanice is also Sanyu’s brand manager and whenever she goes back to Kabira and looks at the work force she trained and the systems she put in place, it goes off with some good pride at heart.

Mark Munyonyi, 22-Proprietor Mark Merkie Promotions
He runs Mark Merkie promotions, an American based company that targets the African community in Washington D.C. They host their crowd at Corner pocket which has grown to become one of the most popular spots for the African crowd in the state.
“In D.C it is a hyper kind of night-life and quite a number of Africans who are interested to hang out and have fun. So when we started, it did not surprise that were getting a progressively growing crowd,” Mark explains. He adds that the least they have hosted is eight hundred people and up to 3000 which was in October last year. The whites have also been attracted to the corner pocket.
Munyonyi owns small mansion in D.C, X5 BMW, three kangaroo pick-ups which he expects to help him in his promotion business he is currently establishing in the East African market. He is also clearing three other cars at the Mombassa port.
The young proprietor is looking forward to bring a change (concept) in East Africa’s entertainment. Mark looks forward the crowd of having to be treated to same performances from the same people all the time. He has tried something similar with in Kenya before and it registered a fair success.
His mother always jokes with him about being a nightlife freak. She attributes this to him having been born during the night.

Mujib Kasule 27-KCC Midfielder
Mujib Kasule prefers to describe himself as a simple and down to earth person and this is something those that have met him and had one-on-one with the handy football star. He owned his first car at the age of sixteen. At eighteen he was one of the few lucky Ugandans that were called on to join under-nineteen side of Chelsea but his dad dream for him was not to get into money without proper education so he had to sacrifice his dream for his father’s.
“Football has taken me places and won me favors. In school, I was exempted from all chores. When I joined secondary school in Kibuli I was studying on scholarship not because my parents had no money to pay for my school dues but as was a favor extended to me for my good talent,”Mujib recounts. When he continues you might think it is just nothing more than the laurels for himself. Before he even sat for his P.L.E Kibuli Secondary School had already offered him a place with favors attached. While still at Kibuli he was tipped by local club K.C.C football club. He was seventeen then. At the University Mujib was admitted on government for Arts in arts but felt was not ready to pursue a flat course. He was offered a scholarship to study in the U.SA for five years where he did a bachelor in economics. He runs the Kasule Properties Company and works as a research consultant. In addition, to his name is the newest Sports paper called The Goal Post. He has a love for cars and drives a Ford Windsor. He looks up to Michael Owen. For the young people out there, he says you should chase after your dreams.

Michael Kasaija, 29-Manager Kombart Dance Group
When he steps on stage, it is just display of good strokes. Right from his Obsessions days, he always stood out as a guy with an exceptional talent. When de left Obsessions, life was a completely new life and he could not rule out the emotion from his fans. His girlfriend, Natasha, with whom he has a three months’ kid, too pursued him to get back onto stage.
Michael had served as a director for the crumbling Obsessions dance group as well as Cleo graphics manager. Before rejuvenating his talent into his Kombart dance group, he was doing private business but he confesses having liked to entertain ever since his child. He runs a tours and travel business.
“ I had the interest since I was young. I could participate in traditional dances in Buganda road Primary where Mr. Rwanjies, head of Ndere troupe, was my entertainment teacher. I particularly loved the energy and love with which he could conduct his training at school,” Kasaija recalls.
He featured on the first M-NET Face of Africa competitions that were here. He joined Obsession while still at campus. It was by then known as Pulse & Jungle. He served director and Cleo graphics manager while still with the Obsessions dance group.
To date he owns the Kombart dance group whose membership size has grown to twenty members. The group has claimed the number one spot as top dance group and you’ll not be surprised to see Michael cruising in BMW B5 with his son Shawn Kasaija.
He looks up to pushing Kombart to greater heights and worthy competitions and his mind is open to absorb into new ideas. The group is into event planning and management. You have to judge them on Michael Ross’ upcoming album launch come 24th.

Silver Kyagulanyi, -Song Writer
You will be surprised that at his age, he has penned most of the big hits and this only goes down as something he does as a hobby. It is inopportune that people like him are not put in the limelight just like the west has given the great some of the good songwriters. Nevertheless, Silver immediately appears the kind who will not pop big even if he is deservedly good as both an artiste and songwriter. He has penned form the latest, Juliana Kanyomozi’s Nabikoowa, Nvanungi’s Eriso and Ekiwangula Omutima Gw’omukyala, Marium Ndagire’s Kiki Onvuma album, Kato Lubwama’s maiden duo hit Kirabe Ebisso among other big hits of prominent artistes whose egos he wouldn’t hurt as confided to him to the effect.
However that is not to say the songwriter has let this forsaken his singing career. Silver has three good albums to his name. These are Ekyasa Kyabakyala, Omuzadde Katonda and Abanna bbo and if you’ve been at occasion like Introduction ceremonies then you must have felt how popular in terms of musical content his music has proved to be.
“When I sing about love in whatever category, I make sure I am sensitive to the general crowd. In whatever I do it is never for fame but to positively affect my generation,” he points out. When asked about his magic at the good lyrical code progression all he can say is the confidence artistes have in him because he’s always ready to share the little he has in terms of ideas. He loves the guitar.
Silver Kyagulanyi started his career in singing as early as kid leading others in singing nursery rhymes. Form there he joined choirs in Nswangere seminary and St. Charles Lwanga in Kasasa before he joined one of the celebrated local choirs in the country. This was the I0a.m. Christ the King church choir. In I995, he was happy to appear in one of the dailies. Simplicity and the appreciation for all music attributes, he says, has led him all throughout.

Boniface Kiprop, 20-Juniour Champion
It is not merely a lexical coincidence that Kiprop bears the same name as several Kenyans athletes, such as Fred Kiprop (the 2:06.47 marathoner). The meanings of the names are the same-born while it is He is a son to a little known Robert Toroitich. He finished fourth at the Olympic Games 10,000m, which almost ranks him as one of the world’s best.
In five years of junior competition, he finished third once (2002) and second twice (2003, 2004) at the World Cross-country, won four medals at 5000m and 10,000m at the African Junior Championships of 2001 and 2003 (silver at 5000m in 2001, the rest gold) and last summer finally picked up his first global junior gold in the World Junior Championships 10,000 in Grosseto. As a young athlete, he looked up to the likes of Haile Gebrselassie who has won major races.
Kiprop came into limelight when he won his first silver medal at the world cross-country championship in Ireland in 2002. An English Ricky Simms talked to him and took him to sports ware company Puma where he was offered a deal.
“I was so happy that these guys (Puma) give me whatever I want to compete on the international scene and my only duty is to train and go and collect my money at the end of every year,” he said.
Puma renewed my contract when he won another silver medal at the next world cross-country held in Switzerland and still sponsor him up to now. After winning the silver medal, Kiprop became the African junior champion after winning gold in 5,000m and 10,000m and he was nicknamed ‘Gebrselassie’ by fans in Cameroon where the championship took place.
Kiprop has competed in a number of international races that include Golden league series, Grand prix, road races and cross-country meets where he has won at least 50 medals of which 15 are gold, 10 silvers and many uncountable bronze medals.
Kiprop adapted athletics when he was still a kid during his days of fetching water. “Mum used to send me to the well and she wanted the water as quick as possible so I had to run down a few kilometers and return home,” this is how I came to love the game.

Edwin Karugire-Lawyer
Those who have something, to them opportunities will always flourish, so they say and true is for some of the young men. One of them is lawyer Karugire. He is one of the first son’s in-law and to his name is one of the success law firms. As a young man, he runs Karugire & Kiwanuka advocates which she owns alongside another young lawyer by name Kiwanuka.

Other Young achievers
-Hussein Kashilingi, President’s legal Officer
-Kenneth Kamyuka, one of the successful young golfers
-Tina Byarihanga-PRO MTN
-Phillip Besimire-MTN Promotions
-Peter Magona-One of the country’s good rugby players
-J. Kazoora-Presenter WBS, K-fm and commercial emcee


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