Saturday, May 06, 2006

East Africa Dances to One Beat

If you missed the East African Carnival-Dance to the Beat show at Speke Resort Munyonyo on Saturday, you ought to kick yourself. In one night, revellers were able to go to Kisumu, the coastal town of Mombassa, down to Dar es Salaam and back to Kampala.
The Celtel sponsored East African Carnival took revellers on a musical trip into the region with performances from some of the finest musicians. The line-up included our very own Richard Kaweesa, silky voiced Maurice Kirya, Tanzania's sensational ballad queen Pauline Zongo, the East African Bashment Crew as well as 2002 Kora Awards nominee Suzanna Owiyo from Kenya.
It had to be a great show, more so for the fact that everything came in its natural form. Forget about those shows where artistes get away with it after miming their songs while the DJ plays their music. At the carnival, artistes performed with a live band.
Talking about value for money, the plush resort could have been something to behold but more to it was the good organisation of the jig. Just imagine yourself letting out a scream, applauding a good note from the gifted Suzan Kerunen besides the likes of Sudhir Ruparelia, the tycoon himself. Well, the crowd was a mixed one but profoundly one of the corporate class. There were a number of dignitaries, and affluent figures too.
The place was suitably decorated with African d├ęcor, and the beautiful sculptures stood out, among other African pieces. The African wear dress code was also well respected. The stage had all the three East African flags and to kick off the show, an anthem that accommodated stanzas from all the three East African anthems was sung with all the pride and honour.
Well, amidst the captivating performances, Umeme had to spoil the fun but soon all was back to normal. Suzan Kerunen came on first with one of her mystical Alur tunes, Ngom. Maurice Kirya came on next and in a laid back mood with his guitar and did Bina Damu (Genda Okole) and Bera Nabo to a great ovation.
He was simply wonderful. An elated Richard Kaweesa who was decked out in snow white attire then joined him. Maurice strummed the guitar while Kaweesa sang two tracks off his Kanimba album. Pauline Zongo and Suzanna Owiyo were equally marvellous with their coastal blends that got the old timers onto the dance floor.
An up-tempo Bebe cool and later joined by Necessary Noize who together make up the East African Bashment Crew, warmed up the audience with some of their favourite hits, the Fire Anthem being the crowd's favourite. To crown the show, all the night's performers did Les Wanyika's 70's Swahili classic Sina Makosa in unison. Oh, what a night!


Blogger jkb said...

By the sound of it, seems like Munyonyo exceeded your expectations. I am going to link your blog to mine, if u do not mind ofcourse

6:58 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Very interesting posts. I would also like to link to you.

11:29 AM  
Blogger Lovely Amphibian said...

hi. Edgar. u can run but you cant hide. now that ive found this blog, i will know what you really think about when you keep quiet in the newsroom as the rest of us shout ourselves senseless.

and nice posts.

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Blogger savage said...

Dude, is that it? You show up, raise a lil' dust and vanish?

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Blogger savage said...

Dude, is that it? You show up, raise a lil' dust and vanish?

11:32 PM  
Blogger edgarbatte said...

Hey guys, i love all yo comments. Been a little busy but i guess i am back 'for good'. Thanks for the support.
Matter of fact i have just got into this stuff.

Best regards,
Edgar R. Batte

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