Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lyrical: the Hip Hop Gem

Edgar R. Batte

He has been described as one with "the finest sound on the hip-hop scene" in the last year's Pearl of Africa Music (Pam) awards magazine.

When he steps out, he leaves no questions; he simply looks the hip-hop star in him - bling bling, smartly done cornrows, black designer jeans and dark tinted lenses. Welcome to the world of the gemstone of Ugandan rap/hip-hop -- Lyrical G whose real name is Jeff Kintu.

If you have heard or/and seen him do his thing on stage, you are one of those who have witnessed one of the most promising luminaries for the hip-hop genre. For the cool guy he is, the girls have found him quite charming and unavoidable. He confesses to this and is quick to register the fact it could be the reason his relationship is on the rocks. Just at the time when he is on silent treatment with his supposed girlfriend, another kindhearted person makes her way into his life. He says she is caring and a good friend too.

"We met recently at the Nominees Bash at Club Silk, so she asked me where my girlfriend was and I had no definite answer to give her. We took it on as friends but my heart is in 'balance' because my girlfriend could possibly make a u-turn, at the same time I wouldn't want to lose this new girl in my life. She is my friend and I think she's nice too. I am confused," he says.

He explains that his girlfriend drew him into this due to her unbecoming ways. He says she is too possessive and protective yet he is the kind of guy who loves hanging out with his boys. "What my girl has failed to appreciate about me is that when I go out, I keep my faith and principles. For this, I would not break down for every female sweet voice. Most of the girls my girlfriend gets upset about are my fans and you won't just brush off fans like that," he adds. This sometimes has made him think that he will never find someone to truly appreciate him for who he is rather than what he is.

Nonetheless, he thinks that it could be the love and insecurity she feels that that are making her to like she does. This comes with pain to him.

Lyrical G says the experience has become something that triggers the memory, opening the door to a flood of emotions. Him and his girlfriend have been together for the last four years but he says it has been an experience of affection with lots of drama.

"One time we agreed to have a break, we felt the struggle was going on too long and too far," he chips in. Learning to live with the pain comes to the youngster as a sad trial that at times leaves him contemplating whether he should actually throw in the towel on the relationship but as a prize in life, in the end he is lost for words.

His ideal soul mate: The sad tale does not mean the brother has lost all hope. He seems to be seeing his dream in the girl he is currently dating. He is taking sometime to study her to see if she might be the dream girl. He would like to get involved with a pretty girl in both looks and in the heart, very spiritual, patient, enduring with the will to listen; not too possessive but someone to let him be.

He does not want to be pressured and is tired of the drama of struggling to be himself when he is actually not complete in heart and soul.

Happy moments: Lyrical G's happiest moment so far was when he got to meet Jada, an actor in the Yeyo commercial. This was last year when she walked up to him at the Pam Awards Nominees Bash at Kabira Country Club.

"She came up to me and confessed her love for my music. She promised to feature in the next music video I would shoot and I think that was sweet from somebody especially I had always looked forward to meeting," he says.

The other and probably his biggest moment was coming face to face with his icon JayZ in Manchester (UK) where he had gone for a recording session. He was part of the crowd, which the international star had gone to entertain in a live concert with the entire Roc A Fella crew. For thebudding star he is, that still rings fresh in his memories. He has also tasted his side in stardom with the young female fans who he claims send messages confessing their crushes on him but he wonders why his admirers wouldn't face him yet he takes himself to be one of the most approachable people around.

One of the biggest pluses in his career was when he alongside Blu*3 and Steve Jean went on a school tour in some of the big schools.

"You go to this school and cannot believe you have all those young people appreciating your thing. So, when they approach you to sign their autographs they would request for the telephone number as well.

You can imagine how busy my phone could get during the holidays and these are young girls but so bold for their age," he says. Most times these are the under-age in their mid-teens so he simply laughs it off when they call him.

His career

He has two albums to his name and a number of collaborations with some of the regional stars like Klear Kut, Maurice Kirya among others. 11 years into singing, all Lyrical G prays for is the longevity in the game. He has the good will for others and sees himself helping out budding artistes in the years to come.

He is currently in studio doing final touches to his Narudi album, which he expects to open more doors for him.

Further studies are definitely one of the priorities for him to pursue. He has been to South Africa where he shot a musical documentary and also recorded a collaboration with Channel O's presenter, Proverb. He plans to shoot a video for this track.

He is one of the artistes nominated in the Pam awards with two nominations in the hip-hop categories.

His last message: His appreciation to his fans and a call for the crowd to continue supporting the hip-hop genre.


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