Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Mathias on his girlie character

EATV presenter Mathias Ruhweza is known for his girlie character; lip-gloss, rolling eyes and wacky hairstyles.
Edgar R. Batte sat him down to explain why he does things the way he does them.

Can you describe who Mathias is, in three words?
Most importantly God fearing, charismatic, ambitious and fun loving.
How old are you?
I am nineteen. I was born on August 23, 1985 and that makes me a Virgo.
People have taken your character to be more of feminine than the guy in you, what is your comment?
I grew up in a female dominated environment. I have three lovely sisters and I was fond of my mum. Besides, almost all my friends are girls. I’m not bothered by people’s comments. Why do people have to bother about my kind of character? I have grown to appreciate myself the way I am.
So what’s with the lip-gloss that you wear?
I see no problem with that. In fact many guys wear make-up. You have checked most of the international showbiz figures they do use these toners so I guess that is no offence.
And your wacky hairstyle?
It is something unique to identify myself in the entertainment industry. Actually it was my boss Katherine who chose this particular style for me. She said that I looked so much of a schoolboy and that I needed me to look different. Other artistes have also taken on different styles; take for instance Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine. They are identified with their standing dreadlocks. It’s a showbiz thing.
One tabloid recently ran a story to the effect that you had been sacked from EATV. Is this true?
No it is not true. I am just on leave because I am doing BA exams at Makerere University. I am about to finish my first year and I am majoring in Communication Skills and Literature. Probably those guys have not seen me on T.V for quite sometime and they have come to their conclusions that I have been sacked.
But I take it that you read the story?
Yeah, I did but what can you do. You read the story shake it off and get over it. I am taking my leave. Top management has been changed but no one has been fired yet.
How did you get into EATV in the first place?
There were auditions in Kampala and they were looking for a presenter. I had a previous working experience with WBS as a Teen’s Club presenter during my S.4 vacation. I had worked there for two years, so I thought this was a new opportunity to build my career. Well, I gave it a shot and I was selected.
People in the limelight usually have several admirers, so are you hooked up with one of them at the moment or you are single?
Ah…Yeah I think I’m single. Let us say I am playing a little game with someone but I am not sure where we lie. You know, I take myself as career driven and I have my job and books to think about. I have some big dream I cannot reveal. Relationships are very taxing. They weigh a lot on somebody. They tend to strain you a lot-emotionally, your time and your money. So if I could stay out of one, I would opt for that, but if it was inevitable of course like life, love doesn’t ask why, it would happen.
Q: So who is the lucky girl with whom you are playing this little game of yours?
A: Unfortunately I cannot let you in on this one. It is quite confidential.
EATV was recently under fire and it was threatened with closure over pornography, what is your take on this one?
I think that was a very political thing. Everything that is shown on EATV is shown on WBS. Kazoora shows the same music videos on Jam Agenda all the time. If parents don’t want their kids to watch it, they can tell them not to watch or lock their TVs up. There are very many channels and sincerely it’s all about choice. It was not fair at all because there is nothing pornographic that is shown on EATV.
What is your definition of pornography?
Pornography is naked men and women engaging in sexual activity. It is something sexual and meant to arouse. In the African culture where we come from, some people are always nude or showing different body parts. For example in South African tribes, women walk around bare-chested, but this is not pornographic.
What is your idea of a good time?
Swimming, going out dancing with friends, watching a good movie, hanging out with my boss Katherine Lorena and having a family dinner somewhere in a quiet place.
What do you hate about you job?
Sometimes I have to stay out late, even when I don’t want to. No one cares if you are tired or sick or not feeling well or you are in a bad mood.
What has been your saddest memory?My saddest moment in life was losing my mum. It was just a day before my birthday. It was very hard for me to recover from the incident because I was very close to my mum.
What about the fondest memory?
It was during our social dance in high school. I was the emcee. It is kind of day everyone waits for and I was playing a major role. Then in my S.6 I wrote and directed a play for the drama day and came third.
When choosing your friends, what qualities do you look out for?
Honesty and liberal mindedness. I like people who are liberal minded because being conservative is very bad.
What was your first crush like?
Oh my God I have had so many crushes in my life but there are some significant ones that stand out. There is Natasha Sinayobe, the former Obsessions dancer, the first time I saw her, my goodness, I was in love. I knew everything about her and her stunts. I would read everything about her in the papers and cut out her clips and pictures. I really, really liked her a lot. Hellen of Obsessions is also very cute. We are very good friends. Of course I have so many others but those have stood out.


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