Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Planning to go for Kyeyo?
A Ugandan based in Netherlands is to release a film intended to create awareness amongst Africans about the risks and consequences of irregular migration to Europe. The film titled Surprising Europe is a mastermind of the Ugandan journalist Ssuna Golooba who went to Europe to investigate how economic immigrants from Africa work and live. He did research in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and London before teaming up with the Dutch filmmaker Martin Hansen.
GRIM REALITY: Golooba behind the camera. Courtesy Photo
The film will be a docudrama (a film based on facts), which shows the dilemma African immigrants are facing in Europe. A lot of them are struggling with big problems and want to give up and return home. But this is not so easy for them, because their families and friends will never accept their failure, resulting into being outcasts. The film is especially aimed at enlightening people in Africa who are gainfully employed but are often tempted to abandon their jobs in pursuit fortunes in Europe.
The film will be shot in September in Netherlands with some parts in Uganda. Casting companies in Europe will provide the actors and actresses. The plan is that the world premiere will be in Kampala in April next year.
The film also brings out the true picture of what is in store for the illegal immigrants in Europe so that people weigh their options before they go to seek greener pastures in the land of opportunity as they call it. According to Ssuna Golooba, the film is not intended to discourage Africans from going to Europe but rather advise then to weigh their options before they leave their homelands.
"I am fully aware of the severe economic difficulties, increased poverty and the political instability and other problems that Africans face, but we are simply saying in this film that Europe is no longer as blissful for Africans as it was before 9/11. We want to create awareness among potential African migrants about the consequences of irregular immigration," said Golooba.He said that there is no reason why people in gainful employment should be conned into abandoning their jobs to go for Kyeyo because the situation is increasingly becoming difficult for illegal immigrants to secure jobs in Europe and when they become frustrated, they turn into criminals who are later deported or even commit suicide.
Uganda will be used as a model for the rest of Africa for the simple reason the author is from the country. However, later on the movie will be screened in other African countries including Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana.


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