Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Rugby Fad

The rugby fad


LIFESTYLE: Rubgy is not just about mascular guys on the pitch, but also the beautiful girls who cheer them on

Every Saturday, a youthful cheery crowd keeps their allegiance to the game of rugby at either Kyaddondo Rugby Grounds or Kampala Rugby Club, Lugogo. As the sun heads west, you would be sure to catch a big game at either grounds.

Thanks in part to the to the lively atmosphere, the game of rugby has gained popularity and is now a favourite pastime for many young people. Well as a good number of people go down to enjoy the game, to others, rugby is a form of entertainment-it is only a way of spending their Saturday evening.

These include a good number of youths and middle aged people, though you would also not miss a few grey heads that have chosen to identify with the game as a favourite pastime too. The older patrons who are young at heart have learnt to fit with the younger fans and will let out a wild cheer when their side scores a point, or gnash their teeth when their team misses of good chance.
Rugby teams include the likes of MTN Heathens, Hima Impis and Utl Kobs among others. These days, even the girls play rugby.

Being a fan of the game teaches you that it is not a game of the roughnecks, as many have perceived it to be. To add icing on the cake, rugby is not just about the game on the pitch but the fun that the fans have. Off the pitch, it is pomp and showbiz.

There are all these girls who cling onto the muscular guys with one hand and use the other to pour the contents of their beer bottles down their throats. Another girl will be screaming as her rather lean boyfriend, dribbles his way through heavily built players. This proves the fact that just like any other game, rugby also requires skill, though mass is also a factor in the game.

When the last whistle goes, it is always a big party as the fans dance to the latest tunes like the East African Bashment Crew's Fire Anthem. At the pitch corners, it is serious business for those roasting muchomo.

For a stick of five little pieces of meat, one parts with shs1,000, so the guys make a killing because everyone in the big crowd wants a bite of their tender meat. Still looking for weekend programmes? Try out the rugby grounds.


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