Wednesday, May 31, 2006

When rugby rules fans

When rugby rules fans
It was fun all the way. The thick muscles on the pitch could have been something but more to it were the cheerleaders who stood out for their act. They danced away to every point in favour of the Cranes.
OFFICIAL SPONSOR: Uganda Breweries External Affairs and Communications Director Brenda Mbathi cheers the National rugby team during the friendly match against the Kenyans on Saturday.
The Ugandan Cranes were taking on the Kenyan rugby team in a friendly match that ended in a draw on this wet Saturday afternoon.The large number of fans said it all. The Kampala rugby grounds were filled to capacity. Among the crowd were UBL boss Baker Magunda, Brenda Mbathi and her husband Kitili Mbathi, Barclays Bank MD Nick Mbuvi and UTL’s Hans Paulsen. Smartly adorned in skimpy outfits of the Ugandan flag colours of black, yellow and red, the girls treated us to a display of flesh (thighs and navels) and soon, we inevitably found ourselves pocketing for no precise reason but only cover up our ‘embarrassment’ (or was it excitement?)Fans kept loyal to their respective teams. The spirited Ugandan fans who overshadowed the Kenyans could not let their teams down.
FEMALE ATTRACTION: The girls too love the game like crazy.
The young and fresh beaus almost screamed their lungs out for their favourite teams. Minutes into the game, all the players were tinted with mud. On average, the Kenyan guys seemed thicker than the Cranes but this was no reason for any fear. The game went on till twilight when the usual tradition of partying took centre stage for both sides. When the players went to refresh, the fans took their rounds on the pitch flying high with their flags.‘The 'ruggers' (read rugby players) were hosted to a sumptuous dinner at Kati Kati Restaurant. You could hardly believe they were the lot that had been all soiled up minutes before. The chunky guys were now smartly decked out in their suits.Although the heavy downpour signalled luck for both sides, the cranes would have walked home victors had they not lost the numerous chances.


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