Monday, September 11, 2006

Amon is yet to get over Juliana

She is gorgeous and a true diva but her love life has not sang the right tune. For the six years she dated Amon, they seemed the ideal couple.
Then the two lovebirds separated. To date, fans cannot comprehend what really could have come between the two lovebirds. The rumour mill had all kinds of allegations that could have ended it all.
Amon says he didn't see their break-up coming, adding that he tried to do everything that Juliana could ever wish for. It is clear as Amon speaks that he is not over Juliana yet. "She was a loving, supportive and hardworking partner and clearly an unforgettable girl," he says of Juliana.
STILL HEARTBROKEN: Amon says he didn’t see the break-up coming. Photo by Walter Wafula & Willy Tamale.
"We had reached a point in the relationship when I was almost certain she was my future wife. We had been blessed with a son who bonded us even closer,"
How they met
They met at Fido Fido ice cream parlour back in 1999. She was seated with two other girls but he singled her out. He loved something about her: She was dark, beautiful and her infectious smile prompted something within him to go over and whisper something into her ear. He had fallen for her and confessed it.
"At the time, I didn't know she could sing. I first heard her sing two years later at my brother's wedding. After sometime, I had to go back to London. While there, she called to tell me about her debut single with Irene Namubiru and that they had formed I-Jay, an R'n'b duo. I was happy about her innovation and when they broke up, I comforted her that she was meant for bigger things," he recalls.
Amon subsequently paid Steve Jean so she could record her debut single Seven Days. Meanwhile, he had to spend more time here since it was around the time she was expecting their child and needed his support. In 2003, God blessed them with a lovely son, Keron Kabugo Lukwago.
In an interview last year, Juliana maintained that their relationship was romantic but argued that there were 'disguised' issues on Amon's side that could not be sorted out. When asked whether the rumours about Amon's infidelity were the reason for the split, Juliana refuted the allegations and maintained that there were other problems she could not reveal.
"We would talk over these issues and appear to be fine but ultimately, Amon failed to adjust," she is quoted to have said. Nonetheless, she disclosed that Amon is a good father to Keron, always supportive, loving and one of those people who have helped her a lot in her career not only emotionally and physically but also financially.
So what really went wrong?
It was a painful break-up and Amon refers to the six years as 'wasted time'. He had devoted so much hope and dreams in it. Having spent approximately 17 years in Britain, Amon acquired British citizenship. However when he tried to acquire a British passport, Juliana didn't seem thrilled.
"I explained to her the benefits she stood to gain as well as our son and that both would subsequently acquire British citizenship but I guess she simply didn't like the idea. A month after I had left, she sent me a CD of her Nabikowa single.
It was lovely and I told her so." However, later, a friend called him and told him to open the Daily Monitor website.
"I asked him what was there but he insisted that I open the Women & Men pages and then asked me whether it was true. When I opened the website, there was the headline before me "Juliana now single and not searching". I did not think anything particularly and assumed she just wanted to promote her song. I was not bothered. She spent four weeks without calling me. When I called her, she told me she wanted some space."
He respected her decision and soon, the space between them only grew wider. He couldn't bring himself to imagine he could lose the person he had shared so much love and joy with and contemplated whether it was the fame.
It's one year now and Amon discloses he has not yet gotten over the break-up. He is not seeing anyone and is comfortable for now. "When you have just come out of a relationship, it is quite difficult to enter another. I think I am currently married to my businesses, the gym and money. I don't believe in searching. I believe the woman who was meant for me will definitely come my way."Amon, among other things, is the proprietor of Liquid Nightclub in Masindi, and Sound Room on Sunset Arcade along Wilson Road, which promotes upcoming artistes and distributes music.
Amon says he still has to make sure that their son Keron gets the best upbringing and he shares the responsibility with Juliana. Keron is in Nursery school.
Amon left Uganda after Primary School studies for the UK where he studied at West Ham College in London. There, he pursued a NVQ certificate in Introduction to music. He then joined East Leigh College where he did Sound Engineering. From there, he did a stint as a deejay at Moonlight Granaries in London. It was there that he met a friend, Sylvia Owori, who convinced him to come back to Uganda. He returned in 1997 for month, after 15 years. He also met Peter Miles who introduced him to his current best friend, Roger Mugisha.
"Roger asked me what we could do and I sold the idea of the angels to him. This turned into Shadow's Angels. Meanwhile, I got job in London but was to be based in Uganda," Amon reveals.
Amon appeared recently in Daily Monitor in the company of a mysterious girl who was consequently suspected to be his 'new catch'. Well, he says, she's simply his companion. "She's a student at the university. I consider her a good friend who has helped me to somehow forget the past," he explains. He prefers not to disclose her identity for the sake of her privacy.


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