Monday, September 11, 2006

Bebe’s cool launch

Top: Main man Bebe Cool with a queen dancer. Photo by Ismail Kezaala
Artiste celebrates birthday at first ever dual album launch
Not even Julian Ferdinand, father to the world's most expensive soccer defender, Rio Ferdinand of Manchester United, could resist joining the hordes of revellers that crammed the spacious Kyadondo Rugby Club on Friday, as Bebe Cool celebrated his 29th birthday at the first ever dual album launch.
Atleast a touch: Fans struggle to touch Kenyan Artiste of the year Nameless at Bebe’s launch. Photo by Willy Tamale
Grand appearance: (L-R), Julian Ferdinand, father of Manchester United and West Ham English Stars - Rio Ferdinand and Antwon Ferdinand, Martin Senyomo and the Cools cut the cake during Bebe Cool's duo album launch at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds on Friday. Photo by Eddie Chicco
By 8p.m, kick off time, a heavy traffic jam ensued and getting into Kyadondo Rugby Club was a hustle.At about 11:30p.m, Omulangira Ndausi, Ken Love and Karitas, the nights' emcees announced the commencement of the night's long awaited act. Ululations followed as a shirtless Bebe Cool, clad in the white suit and a pair of white snickers, stepped on stage and took over 10 minutes pulling photogenic stunts.
Cool sang a Jamaican God- praising hit, before expressing displeasure at the way Africans have failed to get rich at a tender age. He cited English Premiership Soccer league players Arsenal's Fabregas (18 years) and Man U's Wayne Rooney (20), who are young and rich.
With live instrumentals by Afrigo Band, Bebe Cool sang his tracks Oga, Sente, Gunz and Bombs, Entalo Zange and Lonely, before inviting Julian Ferdinand on stage to join him cut the cake to mark his birthday. 2006 Kenyan Artiste of the Year Nameless then took the crowd through his songs, which had fans sing along.
The Necessary Noise duo of Wyre and Nazizi came next and were later joined by Bebe Cool to do their famous Fire Anthem, Kube, and Africa Unite hits.
Peter Miles and Menshan later joined the EABC trio for their latest breathtaking hit Combination, which marked the end of the concert.As usual, the show hosted curtain raisers who included Mosh, Kid Fox, Phina, KS Alpha, and the Ngoni, Gen. Mega Dee.


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