Monday, September 11, 2006

Big do at UTAKE nite

Last Saturday, it was UTAKE night yet again and the partying mood was high. First, revellers were given a treat of the world cup fever on plasma screens and after the match, it did not matter whether your team had lost or won, the music bonded the crowd. Nairobi's deejay Pinye was at the "wheels of steel" and he stopped at nothing to get the crowd excited. At the stroke of 7p.m., the crowd had started streaming in and it just did not stop. The parking lot at Steak Out was a hint of how many revellers they were. There was a fleet of vehicles. The crowd at UTAKE was a mixed one and there, you'll meet the hip girls and lads as well as bump into one of your favourite radio or TV star or artiste. Talking of stars, Bebe Cool was there and the reggae man stopped at nothing to utilise his moment at the turntables. He proved he could also mix, scratch and rhyme to the beat as the fans gave him the big hula. If you want to catch the latest trends in fashion, the girls who grace the night have it all.From tight jeans, to revealing tops and g-funk kind of wear, all fashion styles were well represented. The lads represented a few of the American teenage styles and for some reason, they maintained their trousers at the waistline (read balance). While the middle working class had enough money to have themselves a number of rounds (drinks), the youngsters held onto a bottle of mineral water the whole night as they puffed away.When the music was rolling, the couples danced away while others preferred to enjoy the moment in circles as they drunk away washing down some nyama choma as well. Now in its third year running, the night has grown big and this year, Steak Out plans to hold the third UTAKE anniversary.


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