Monday, September 11, 2006

Bobi Wine’s sold out launch

Hundreds of fans were locked out of Hotel Equatorial as musician Bobi Wine launched his Bada album on Friday. The turnout was great and midway in the show, gates had to be closed as the venue was filled to capacity and the number of revellers who were closed out was almost twice as that of those who had fought their way into the venue. Many of the fans who were locked out blamed Bobi Wine for choosing such a small venue yet he has a large fan base.
SCUFFLE: Fans fight to get into the venue. Main picture is Bobi Wine performing. Photos by E. Chicco.
Several musicians who were supposed to perform were also locked out of the venue. Steve Jean and his Blu*3 girls abandoned plans of singing when they found the gates locked. Mesach Semakula and Juliana had to plead with the hotel's security personnel for more than half an hour before they could be allowed in.
Save for fans who couldn't see their star, other things like the sound and lighting were fairly good and the gig kicked off promptly at 7 p.m. with KFM's Aisha and Mosh were the emcees.

Banjo Man, Bobi Wine's younger brother, opened way for the night's other acts. Amarula family, decked in Zulu warrior outfits, left revellers in bouts of laughter with their hilarious jokes before an agile Super Charger came on and wooed the crowd with his dance strokes. Then Fina 'Masanyaraze' picked up from there, and her enticing acts on stage worked the drooling guys who could not help but yell in excitement.
The Ssebagalas, Meddie and Latif, were right on time and found it quite difficult to remain firmly in their seats as they joined artistes on stage to shake a bit. These also donated Shs5 m to 'His Excellency' Bobi Wine.
Jerome Nsubuga a real estate dealer also gave Bobi Wine Shs2m in cash. Bobi Wine came on with his Fire Base Crew members blowing fireballs from cans. One fan caused a stir when he swam to the stage area to get up close to Bobi Wine as he performed.
After a few performances, Bobi Wine went political, hitting at the hypocrisy of the leaders who have chosen to turn against the 'common man.' He drove the crowd into frenzy when he called his girlfriend Barbie to join him on stage. He described her as the best thing that ever happened to him.
Other performers included Bebe Cool, Ragga Dee, The Obsessions, Gen. Mega Dee, Mesach Semakula, Juliana Kanyomozi and the Dream Girls. The show, on the sponsorship ticket of Bell Lager, KFM and WBS TV among others went on until 1 a.m.


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