Monday, September 11, 2006

Boyz in September for September Night

Eight years in the game, Boyz in September are still hanging in there. The duo, Cascas and Baby Snake whose real names are Innocent Ssendegeya and Ayoub Kalumba have finally launched themselves professionally into the music business with their debut single Kankwagale, in which they feature former Ogopa deejay Vinny Banton. Cascas started singing as a back-up vocalist for local dancehall artiste Shanks Vivi Dee in the mid '90s. The duo has now followed in Shanks' footsteps by doing dancehall music, though they blend it with Afro-beats. The Boyz in September have two new songs including Tebematira in which they feature Ziggy Dee and Tosula Step, done with Sweden-based Marble. They also have other songs like Konyoma and Omulembe Gunno.The two lads have come up with an idea of promoting their music as well as that of other budding artistes by staging a free monthly show. "We are planning to launch a night dubbed the September Night and it will feature all upcoming artistes. Being our home area, we shall use the Kibuli playground as our venue," Cascas told It's Friday.The duo says they are also looking forward to compiling an album, releasing more music as well as winning more recognition on the local scene.


Blogger SpearTNC said...

I have peronally been involved in Boys in eptemebr career and i can say tht this a very big step. We all have top do our little parts so that the whole will be equal to the parts. Having done their last five videos, im feel proud to say that they are a force to reckon with in just a years time. Blood, Sweat and Tears!!!

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