Monday, September 11, 2006

Expelled Bishop now stuck in property row

The Charismatic Episcopal Church bishop who was recently expelled for alleged insubordination and indiscipline , is now locked in a bitter controversy with the church over property.
The church is apparently angry that Mr John Obokech Obokech, who has been managing the church property on Plot 4 Nakasero, has vehemently refused to handover the assets.
The assetsAmong the assets is a church house called the Trinity Church. According to the Bishop elect Yusto Muhereza, who says he is working on instructions of the church head, Rev Charles W. Jones, Obokech has refused to transfer the assets with intent to personalise the property, which was bought and leased to the host church in Uganda.
“He wanted to register the properties in his names against the right ownership yet this was property that the Episcopal Church leased to the host church for the faithful to congregate,” Muhereza said.He said Obokech, a “self-styled archbishop”, had been kicked out of the church for a good reason.
“He had since started referring to himself as an archbishop and carrying out roles beyond his title such as the announcement of five new dioceses as well as consecrating a new bishop yet he was merely a bishop himself,” Muhereza said. “The Charismatic Episcopal Church in Uganda and indeed the whole of Africa has only one Archbishop, His Grace Charles W. Jones,” he said.
“If John has told anybody that he is the Archbishop of the Charismatic Episcopal Church in Uganda, that is a deliberate lie and he knows it. It can only be wishful thinking.”
When Daily Monitor contacted Obokech, he sounded irritated. “When I was concecreted as Bishop, I did not contact Daily Monitor,” he said.
However, the church maintained yesterday that Obokech must relinquish the property.
The banMuhereza said Obokech is “no longer authorised to serve as bishop or even as an ordinary priest or deacon in the Church or to enjoy any of the privileges associated therewith.”
The International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church, which first came to Uganda in 1995, is a worldwide religious organisation.


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