Monday, September 11, 2006

Friendship has now blossomed into love

It started with a smile, grew with a hug of comfort and now has blossomed into love. The chemistry between actors Charles Bwanika and Ruth Kalibala has not been an overnight spell. Their love has grown through stages. First they were friends before they eventually became lovers.
How they metBwanika discloses that at one time, he was Kalibala's number one fan. They were both still in school then. Ruth who started acting while still in school had landed a stint as an actress with the Afri-Talent drama group. Bwanika says, "Meeting her was overwhelming. I had all along looked forward to this moment. When I approached her for the first time, I didn't know what to expect but to my surprise, she was a simple and social person."They instantly became friends and the trust between them gradually grew. Soon, they began confiding in each other as well as trying to learn more about each other's lives. They shared experiences both happy and sad, and this was a good start for a relationship.

At university, Bwanika had studied Music, Dance and Drama (M.D.D) and been spotted by Mulindwa Muwonge who signed him up with his Nalubaale drama group. So the two had something in common -they both loved acting. Later, Nalubaale went into recess and John Segawa who had also noticed Bwanika sold him the idea of joining Afri-Talent, which he received with open arms.
This also gave him a chance to spend more time with Ruth. Currently, Bwanika and Kalibala are both actors with the latest drama outfit, The Scavengers and workmates at local radio station, Super FM.
The romance Meanwhile, Kalibala had had a man in her life who she was destined to marry but unfortunatly, he had passed away in a car accident. This was a trying time for her and as dependable friends, she sought solace from Bwanika. Time was the best healer and she eventually got over the awful experience. About this time, the attraction between Ruth and Charles was evident.
They were honest, truthful and open-minded within one another and so it wasn't hard for them to acknowledge their new-found love. Bwanika says he could not look further than Ruth for a partner. She was ideally beautiful and the kind of woman who could understand him.
According to the dictionary Ruth is not just a name. It also means a feeling of sympathy and sorrow for the misfortunes of others -someone of great compassion. When Bwanika fell in love with Ruth, her personality was proof of the connotation."When you're close to someone and have trusted each other for long, there is so much that binds you together. To me, Ruth is a friend, lover and ultimately someone I chose to spend the rest of my life with," he says of her.
Settling downBwanika discloses that as born again Christians, they needed to sanctify their relationship. "We went through the normal procedure. For the act, we decided to do that to express ourselves to the people that we were serious and committed to each other. We had a one-month's notice in church.
The only peculiar thing could have been how fast we made it but we made our point." Although their decision raised some eyebrows, the couple maintains that they simply wanted to formalise their relationship and that their parents and a few next of kin were aware.
So straight from office, they headed to church. At the marriage ceremony held at Omega Healing Centre, the couple exchanged their vows before Pastor Michael Kyazze and that was it. Pastor Peter Sematimba witnessed the union. There was no party or merry-making after the wedding but that weekend, the newly weds hosted some friends and family to a dinner at Emin Pasha Hotel in Kampala. However, they say that they are planning to host relatives and friends to grand wedding celebrations sometime this year.
Asked about their secret, the couple reveals that it is about being able to do little things like expressing love for each other often. "We also believe genuine love is about being able to agree with each other," they say.


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