Monday, September 11, 2006

Kabelo is in love with Noonks

I have waited approximately half an hour and despite the comfort of Kabira Country Club, my mind cannot concentrate on anything particular.
It is the anxiety that hits you as you wait to meet a big star. When he finally emerges, he will stop at nothing to bring out the entertainer in him. He calls me on my cell phone and I signal him to come over but he still wants to pull some funny stunt on me. He smiles at me but playfully turns round and round dancing, calling out for me, he acts as if he had not seen me. Well, he finally drops it and comes over.
One of the most revealing things about television star Kabelo "KB" Ngakare is his down-to-earth nature and sense of humour. He is dramatic and full of life. He is very talkative and when he starts chitchatting, you don't want him to stop. He is well-travelled, has a bevy of fans and most of all he is an inspiration. His name, Kabelo, means an offering. Kabelo is one of the main presenters on Channel O, the musical Mnet channel.
From grass to graceAs a child, Kabelo discloses that he did not believe in himself. He says, he had wanted to become a doctor but did not come to live his dream. Along the way, destiny had it that he had to make a life as an entertainer. At one point, he had thought of becoming an actor.
Born in the slum of Soweto in South Africa, Kabelo was raised by his grandmother among other relatives. His parents. They divorced while he was still a child and for some reason, he was raised in different places. Kabelo is born to Peter Thandi Ngakare."I went to multi racial schools in the ghetto.
I didn't know much English when I got to those schools. I leant English asking (these) American kids what phrases like "What's up" meant. My interest was in life and the adventure that came along with it," says Kabelo. He went to primary school and finished at grade 12 (standard 10). He then joined high school.
"I tried to study mechanical engineering but it didn't work. I then went and studied computer software support which somehow got me into Mnet."
Getting into showbiz When Kabelo, 29, got into Mnet, he did not head straight to the screen. He joined Mnet as a personal assistant. He used to carry boxes around from one side of Mnet to another. In 1999, Mnet advertised the post of music scheduler. They wanted someone who was computer literate and knew music.
Well, Kabelo loved music and was computer literate so he gave it a shot and got the job. He started presenting on television in 1999. He is a presenter on Mnet's Channel O. Some of the TV star's achievements, he says, are being on Channel O, getting a gig on National Radio (Metro FM in South Africa) and featuring on some of the biggest reality TV productions on the continent like Big Brother, Project Fame and Idols). Kabelo is also currently involved with Unicef as a Goodwill Ambassador for South and Eastern Africa.
"I produced the Speak Africa Documentary broadcast on Channel O and I am currently working on the second production of Urban Massive on Channel O. I have also joined 5FM as a sports presenter on the Breakfast Show," he adds.
Last week, he was in Kampala for the Motorola Urban Massive Campaign, which is aimed at showcasing the evolution and development of music across Africa. The weekly one-hour programme aired on Channel O is designed to capture the essence of African music.
The campaign will be taken to a number of Africa countries. Kabelo's other interest is football and his favourite team are the Kaiser chiefs. Favourite player? David Obua. The star is also into basketball, computer games and travelling in Africa.
He’s in loveAbout his love life, Kabelo says he is close to love. "I tell her that I love her and I guess sometimes we've got to give it time for the infatuations to get over and you are guaranteed that she is the right person-even if you argue with them, you're angry with them, hurt one another, you still wake up and still want to be with them. That is love. Give me more time but I'm really enjoying this young lady in my life," Kabelo spells out. The star is in love.
He is hooked to a young lady he describes as marvellous. She lives in South Africa but will not reveal her name. However, he discloses only her nickname. He prefers to call her 'Noonks; KB and Noonks met at one of South Africa's prestigious awards last November and since then, his brighter days opened way to endless joy as well. He had asked her to come along with him to give him some company. However, it was not easy for the star to make his way into her heart.
"She had given me her number but trying to go on a date with her was difficult. She was just a difficult lady. When I invited her to come along with me, I wasn't sure she would accept but she did. She has taught me to appreciate people more."


Blogger Moipone Rakosa said...

I refuse to believe that my baby boo,Kabelo, is in love with Noonks. I mean, is that what he gets for being too friendly to everyone who crosses paths with him?and besides all of that, Kabelo is already taken, by me offcoarse. So please people, dont get it twisted!

1:51 PM  
Blogger Moipone Rakosa said...

Kabelo is not in love with Noonks, I mean is that what he gets for being too friendly for everyone who crosses paths with him?Besides that, he is already taken, by ME, so people please recognise and dont get it twisted. He is all mine!

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