Monday, September 11, 2006

Kidfox talks about his first girlfriend Straka

Kidfox says Straka was a sweet girl. Photos by Walter Wafula
He is composed and his lifestyle is simple. His lyrics tell it all. He is the voice behind popular hits like Brothers and Sisters and Love is a good feeling. His name is Kidfox. The laidback budding dancehall gem once dated T.V star, Straka Mwezi. That was way back before Straka made her way into local television. She was his first girlfriend.
"Pamela Mwezi better known as Straka was my first girlfriend. “We met at a certain school show, which a friend of mine had organised. Pamela used to rap those days.
She was still a young girl then," Kidfox recalls. At this particular show, all they did was exchange formal courtesies but Fox confesses she was a beauty to behold. He had an eye on her but was quite a shy guy.
Meanwhile, a good number of guys (big stars now) also had an eye on her but for some reason, her eyes were glued on Kidfox. "She was this young, slender, beautiful girl with a nice figure and glowing eyes. So when we finished making our rounds on stage, I decided to take another look at her and well, I landed but could not let it out. We chatted a bit. I didn't know what to do. I was really raw when it came to relationships".
For fear of having to compete with all these many guys, Kidfox gave up and tried to silently deal with the crush he had had on Straka. On the contrary, Straka seemed not to be interested in any of the many guys that were interested in her. She had her eyes on Kidfox.
Like luck could have it, Pamela made her intentions known. She then started sending him gifts through one of his friends, Viboyo, another upcoming artiste. Before long, the magic had worked out.
Pamela was such a sweet girl and with the nice accompanying luring sweet messages she sent him, Fox was soon hooked. Before she could perform a song, she would dedicate it to Kidfox. He found love was all about being open and expressive. Soon he found out it was time to stop playing the dodgy little games. Interesting enough, some of his friends put him under pressure to give in.
So one day while at home, Boogie Woogie (Amooti of Amarula Family) brought Pamela home for a casual visit."She was serious and determined for us to have something concrete moving. We were together for three years," Fox recollects. As a young couple, they managed to understand each other. Both of them were still breaking through in local showbiz and frankly owned nothing much. Kidfox was still at Makerere University.
Straka's talent started landing her good money as an emcee at some of the joints like Sabrina's pub and DV8 bistro. Soon, they moved out and started a life on their own. "We were both willing to learn from each other. It was a little hard in the beginning but with time, I started hooking deals with big companies for promotions and we managed to survive."
The walk to stardom Straka tried her luck at WBS television, not only for her career development but also to improve their status as couple. She was a very hardworking young girl.
She was patient too. "I used to drink out with the boys but she was patient and really compassionate. I would always find her waiting for me.
She was really serious about our relationship irrespective of the many guys that were still after her," says Kidfox. As a young couple, they would freely talk about everything plus helping each other out. Fox would give her some tips on how best she could present her show.
But like fate would have it, soon Straka was getting older and more exposed. Back at home, Kidfox and Straka wrote applications but it was not easy as she was tossed up and down at WBS till she decided to go ahead and see the Managing Director, Gordon Wavamunno, who was somewhat impressed by her confidence and gave her the benefit of doubt. She started working at WBS television.
Hitting the snag"I started smelling a rat when they brought this guy Charles Oimuke on T.V who once presented African Rhythms. Meanwhile, I guess I was spending more of my time with my friends and not giving enough care so I think this guy (Charles) got enough space," Fox recounts.
In fact, Kidfox initially thought Charles was lining her for another guy, I was later to learn the bitter truth. Soon, they began hanging out together which only affirmed Fox's fears that Charles could have had intentions of moving out with his girlfriend, Straka. "One night, I retired before her and when I called her, in the background were some of her friends saying all these bad things about me. I was hurt and simply switched off the phone," says Fox.
The relationship went from bad to worse and the two had to separate. She later had a child with Charles. She moved on while Fox lost ground in the music industry.
"It was time for me to go back to my kind of crowd, my down to earth friends. I concentrated on the completion of my degree. Meanwhile, I also went back home to stay with my parents."
When he saw the lightWhen he returned home, it was yet another battle. His family had never liked the idea of him moving out with Straka. For his sisters, she had taken away all the attention and for the parents, they were too young to start a life on their own.
Plus, his family is born-again and he had messed up his life. With the help of his sisters, he decided to get saved, which he says has changed his lifestyle. "I used to smoke and take weed (marijuana) as well as drink but I have managed to change my life around to stop doing them all."
He is now focussed on making a greater mark on the local and international scene, sometime in the future.


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