Monday, September 11, 2006

A lawyer with a passion for music

When you have love something, you have to go against all odds to live your dream. This is the story of advocate John Kabagambe. The lawyer has had to stand criticism from family members, because of his love for music, but he is not deterred. After his court sessions, John Kabagambe the lawyer becomes Jon K the musician. Jon K is probably not a name you have seen on the colourful posters publicising a big concert, but he is putting together a 10-track album, which he expects to release soon. A sample off his compilation reveals a gifted mind. He waxes his youthful voice to music styles like Rn'b, hip-hop, dancehall and African contemporary as he presents his message. On this forthcoming album he has worked with Klear Kut's Papito and Lyrical G.
His collection so far includes songs like Lugambo, which hits at naysayers who are always out to pull others down. He features Papito in this one. He explains his reason for singing (his hobby) and likens himself to a lark in Like a lark. He visits the hardships of city dwellers in Sente, brings out the lighter side of life in Party, Nakupa Penzi and Mpenzi and goes nationalistic in Africa, What's Wrong? in which he questions when Africa's problems will end. For the start, Jon K sounds average but anticipates working hard to establish a name in the music industry. So far his music videos have enjoyed some fair airplay on UBC and WBS television.


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