Monday, September 11, 2006

Lions eat up Cranes

Hunks and babes: Fans watch the match between the Uganda Cranes and Morocco’s Atlas Lions at the Kampala Rugby Club on Saturday.
Off the pitch, one could not help but appreciate the yuppie trends
The stands and virtually every spot at Kampala Rugby Club were filled to capacity by the mixed crowd that turned up to watch the determinant game. The first half went on quite well in Uganda’s favour with a comfortable 3-0 till the last kicks of the second half.
How’s this? A young couple previews pictures of the match on their camera. Photos by Eddie Chicco
In attendance: UBL MD Baker Magunda (R) and Sports Minister Charles Bakabulindi.
At the climax of the game, it was emotional breakdown when the Cranes succumbed to the Moroccan rugby team, the Atlas Lions. A few cried their eyes out while the rest consoled themselves that in every game, there is always a loser and winner.
One thing though, you could not agree less at the fashion display on the pitch as the hippy girls graced the do with clothes that tightened their butts leaving little or no breathing space at all.
On average, it was a youthful crowd which livened up the pitch with some necessary noise to boost our boys. The guys hit the metallic stands in unison. It was simply the perfect mood and atmosphere as the sun made its way to the west. The game kicked of fat 4:30p.m.

Wea are a team: The Cranes and Atlas Lions help their colleagues score
Off the pitch, one could not help but appreciate the yuppie trends. The beautiful girls were worth every glimpse in their tight jeans outfit made complete with shades as some held onto their Bell Lager.
On their last weekend home, the wazzup lot did not miss out. With their trousers belted at waistlines, you could not miss them as they went about in their phoney accents and heavy slang.
In the crowd were notables such as Sports Minister Charles Bakabulindi, Aggrey Awori, Abdul Katuntu, UBL MD Baker Magunda, utl's Paul Hulsen, who at some moments, threw out composure and yelled out in excitement as the game took on a good turn. Music bellowed throughout and minutes to the end of the game, people were still streaming in.


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