Monday, September 11, 2006

Meet the lady bouncer

Edgar R. Batte
SEX DOESN’T MATTER: Rwemushera has always looked at girls things as too girlie for her to do. Her job manifests this
It's rare to find a lady involved in manly work, like working in a nightclub as a bouncer. However, Margaret Rwemushera, who was a regular nightclub patron, took the opportunity to become a bouncer at Ange Noir nightclub with open arms. Rwemushera is the type who has always loved to go to the gym and as a result, she was looking for a place where she could put her excess energy to good use. This does not mean that she bounces patrons in the nightclub. On the contrary, she has not manhandled anyone before and she prefers to talk to whoever is trying to wreck havoc. "Whenever the situation goes out of hand and there is a need to get physical, I leave it to the guys (male bouncers) to handle," she says.
ON THE JOB: Rwemushera at Ange Noir. Photo by Eddie Chicco
She is lucky she gets on well with her male colleagues and when you find her in the company of the well-built men, you could easily mistake her for another man. When you meet her for the first time, Rwemushera strikes you as a tough and strict lady. The strictness comes in to keep the rowdy patrons at bay. However, she is not the type that thinks that bouncers should wear mean faces to show that they are doing their jobs.The Rwemushera at her home in Kawempe is different from the bouncer at Ange Noir. There, you will find her playing and trying to cheer up children in her neighbourhood. No wonder you could never find her if you tried tracing her by her name. In her neighbourhood, she is more known by her nickname "Kiisa" meaning compassionate, because of her character at home. But for those who have met her in the line of duty, it is a different perception altogether. "When I try to interact with people who have come to know me because of what I do, they think I'm a reserved and withdrawn girl, but with time, they discover a completely different part of me," she says.When she has her day off from work on Wednesdays, Rwemushera says that her workmates admit that it is such a boring day for them as she is a talkative person. "Their conversations mainly revolve around women and they always want to get my views on girlie issues," she says while smiling. Obviously, the girl in Rwemushera has not died down. She loves being cheered up, gossiping, reading novels and cares about her looks too. Rwemushera joined Ange Noir through friends (from Ange Noir) when she used to work out at the Hotel Africana gym. They asked her to join them in the nightlife to work as a bouncer and when she went around to study whether she could handle the situation, Charlie Lubega, her current employer encouraged her and she joined the club in 2002. You could think her working environment is tempting, but she has reason to dread men. Rwemushera says that she has been in two relationships before and has nothing good to tell about the experiences. Fresh from secondary school, Rwemushera met a guy and she immediately fell in love with him, but she ended up regretting her choice. "He was a very unserious man. After getting two children with him, I could no longer contain his cheating and over protectiveness," she says. She moved on and decided she could do better as a single mother. She is now a responsible mother who loves to do the best for her children. That is not to say that her life revolves around Ange Noir and her home. Rwemushera actually takes sometime off to engage in her favourite sports. You will not find her playing netball, because she finds it very girlish and that is why she was nicknamed a tomboy.At school, she played football and basketball and still gets time to play her favourite sports. She has also gone against the odds and on Tuesdays, the place to catch her is surprisingly the rival Club Silk, where she joins other revellers on the dance floor till the wee hours of the morning. This helps her put off some stress as well as have some time out with friends. Rwemushera says her day begins before 7 a.m. to get her children ready for school. She has managed to make them appreciate her job. She is however optimistic that they have the opportunities to join better and more professional careers.


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