Monday, September 11, 2006

Orlandoh unveil his new look


The last you could have heard of his was when he launched his Ssembera album at Hotel Equatoria sometime late last year. This time round local artiste, emperor Orlandoh has changed his look. The next time you bump into him, you might have to give him some good gawk. Welcome Orlandoh’s new look. The chubby star has a clean-shaven head and poses out timidly with dark shades, taking on an image you could probably have identified with the last time you watched Queen Latifah’s Set it Off.

In his words the Nakonkonna star said, “It is something I have wanted to do. It is still the same old emperor Orlandoh but with a clean head now. It has nothing to do with being Rastafarian. I have never been one. I just adopted the hairstyle as a style of rebranding Orlandoh as a product in the local showbiz.”

Well, it might be a little hard to get used to the new look of the local dancehall star after all the years he has worn dreadlocks. He also revealed that revellers will get to check his out his new image on his forthcoming tenth album dubbed Haki Yange, he expect to release and promote sometime soon.

Asked whether his family might possibly find it hard to get used to his new look, the chubby star laughed it off saying they spend more time with him than anyone and thus, he has already made a portrait for them to view every time they might want to view him. Emperor is famous for hits like Sirika Baby in which he featured singing partner, Menton Summer (R.I.P), Nakonkona, Mama Wange (a duo wit Jose Chameleone) only tom mention but a few.


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