Monday, September 11, 2006

Professor Jay, Chameleone bury hatchet

Artistes Jose Chameleone and Tanzania's Professor Jay have made peace. And as if to provide tangible proof that the hatchet has been buried, the duo shared a stage, for the first time at Ange Noir on Thurday.
Friends again: Chameleone and professor Jay record their forthcoming song at No End Entertainment studios on Friday. Photo by Batte
Revellers could not hide their excitement and applauded the two as they performed Niasidieje, the song whose beats Chameleone is accused of having ripped and remixed into his song, Bomboclat.When contacted, the two disclosed that it was time to bury the hatchet and move on for the cause of harmony in the industry especially at a time when East African countries have started working together.
"It is so good to make peace. We are both big and ought to think about the image we hold out to the public. It's East Africa forward. We are now two big Js (Joseph and Jay)," they said of unison.
Chameleone took the initiative when he went down to Steak Out where Professor Jay had stopped over from the airport. The two made peace after a lengthy chat.
As a sign of reconciliation, they, on Friday, went down to No End entertainment studios where they started recording a song together. The stars revealed that their song titled Ndivyo Siyvo, would hit music shelves as soon as producer Henry Kiwuwa is through with it. The two also performed together at the Uganda Waragi-Steak Out street jam on Saturday.


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