Monday, September 11, 2006

Sheraton unveils plush suites

The time was 7p.m, the venue-Sheraton Kampala Hotel and it was another reason to drink and make merry. It was the corporate cocktail where the Sheraton unveiled another floor of the newly renovated lavish Parksquare Suites. This was on Thursday last week. The suites are located on the third floor. While taking guests around the suites, Sheraton's General Manager, Jawad Akhtar, said that they anticipate that the Parksquare suites will be ideal for guests who check into the hotel for a period of a month to one year.
EXQUISITE: The new suites, above and top. Photos by Willy Tamale
"We are very honoured to have you around as we unveil these plush suites. We have so far spent $25m on general renovations.There are both doubles and singles. The doubles can accommodate a family where the couple and their children can have separate rooms. For a night, singles go for $750 and $1,200 for the doubles," Jawad said. The Parksquare rooms have very good furniture but even more amazing is the view of the double-roomed suites that overlooks the city. Sheraton recently unveiled its Superior suites on the 12th floor. The new Parksquare Suites are self-contained with a bar, kitchenette, coffee making machines, microwaves and a refrigerator, a king-size bed, as well as splendid shower rooms.Jawad also disclosed that they are targeting the Common Wealth Heads of Government Meetings (Chogm) due next year.


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