Monday, September 11, 2006

What is Ziggy Dee up to?

ONE HIT WONDER?: Tanzanian based musician Ziggy Dee burst onto the Ugandan music scene with his monster hit Eno Mic. He hasn’t brought out anything as big since and we asked him why.

The last time you could have heard about him was when he rode high on the fame of his Eno Mic hit. Who didn't dance to the hit? In the club, we danced to it and on radio it enjoyed such enormous airplay that it could have been billed an anthem of sorts. Given the popularity of the song and the artiste's fame at the time, Ziggy Dee got chance to perform before the Members of Parliament (MPs) and he got them grooving all the way.That was in 2002. Four years later, Ziggy Dee has not managed to drop a hit as big as Eno Mic (ya Ziggy Dee tesaga), which has prompted talk that the artiste has fizzled out. In fact there is a joke about him having gone down along with his hit. For that, he was soon christened a one-hit wonderer.
PLANNING BIG COME BACK: Ziggy Dee during the interview. He says he is working on a 24- track album, which will re-define him as a big artiste in East Africa. Photo by Mike Odongkara
DUET: Lately Ziggy Dee has songs with artistes like Trishilla. However, he is still based in Tanzania. Extreme left, he does what he likes best-being on the mic. Photos by Ismail Kezaala
In an interview with It's Friday, Ziggy Dee is on the defensive. He talks of big plans for a massive comeback, hitting big in Tanzania as well as trying to have sometime for his hobbies, fine art and community development. The artiste boasts of being a good painter. "I am in studio working on 24-track album which is timely to challenge critics. It will cover all music lovers because I have blended various music styles like Bolingo (Zairian style), Bongo flavour, Kwaito and dancehall among others. It's my proof to people that I've never 'burned out'. After all, there are other songs I have released besides Eno Mic," Ziggy Dee told It's Friday.Recovering from the 'big hit' Eno MicIn local music it is one thing to put out a hit or successful album, and another to follow it up with an equal one. This is what Ziggy Dee is fighting hard to prove. "I want to show people that it wasn't chance for me to get in the limelight." Ever since, Eno Mic, he has released songs like Doctor in which he featured Zazou of the X-Ray trio, Kimansulo, Agawalahi, Lollipop, Hakuna Matata and Mugoti. These have not been big in Uganda, but he says nonetheless, they have enjoyed good airplay on Tanzanian FM stations. Doctor has got fair play on East African television. Of late, Ziggy Dee has changed the look of his dreadlocks tinting the end bits with blonde. He now talks of doing music on another level.Bigger in TanzaniaAsked why his music is not receiving as much airplay, Ziggy Dee says people do not take time to listen to the lyrical richness of music but are taken up by musical beats. It is for this reason he claims to be bigger in Tanzania. "In Tanzania, people appreciate a song for its richness beyond the trendy beats unlike in Uganda, where music is all about beats." Ziggy Dee is based in Tanzania where he spends most of his time. There, he boasts of gracing big music fetes like the Fiesta as well as the Summer Jam on which he gets to rub shoulders with musical big wigs from Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Judging from the success of his music in the land, he likens his musical career in Tanzania to Kyeyo (foreign job) of sorts. With the support of Clouds FM, one of the local FM stations in Dar es Salaam, he has been able to market his music beyond borders into Sudan, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Malawi where he has held performances. He has also collaborated with Zazou, the first lady from the X-Ray trio. The two have been seen together on a number of occasions, prompting the tabloids to question their relationship. However, Ziggy Dee laughs this off and clears the air stating that it is all about music and friendship they share as artistes and nothing more. He also refutes tabloid reports that he recently fathered a child. In fact, he discloses that he has a girlfriend though she prefers to keep a low profile. Who is Ziggy anyway? Ziggy Dee was born Adam Mutyaba Mukiibi in Ggaba. He grew up in Uganda but left for South Africa where he pursued a Diploma in language studies for three years (1998-2001). On his return, he switched to Tanzania and enrolled for an advanced Diploma in Information & Telecommunication (I.T) studies for a year. He joined music in 2002. He says he wants to focus his career towards benefiting community development as one of his latest dreams. That is why he wants to keep a clean name. "There are many things we can teach our peers and fans, rather than taking on 'bad boy' roles like physical fighting and writing fighting lyrics." The artiste's outlook is community based. He is looking at helping the destitute in society through holding charity concerts. He wants to help children get off the streets as well as help stop child slavery and abuses from the face of East Africa. Career wise, he looks beyond the East African borders. So far, he is completing a house in Ggaba, Kampala. He is also looking at becoming a music promoter as well. For now, Ziggy Dee says he has put all effort on his multi-lingual 24-track album, which he expects to redefine him as a star on the local music scene.


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