Friday, December 08, 2006

Sumani, the African Queen


HUMBLE BEAUTY: Nancy Sumani is beautiful, intelligent and ambitious. She is the holder of the Miss World Africa title. Edgar R. Batte talked to her

*How did you get to contest for the Miss Tanzania title?
sumani: One of the organisers Mange Kimambi was a friend. We met at a fast-food joint and she asked me whether I was interested and I told her I was. Were you convinced you had what it took for the contest?I was not exactly convinced; I contested just because I had all the time in the world. I had just finished high school, so I decided to give it a shot irrespective of the outcome.
*While at it, did the thought of losing cross your mind?
Sumani: No. I knew I would do well. You contest with hope of winning so I went into the contest with high hopes.
*When you got to meet your fellow contestants, did you feel you had any advantages Sumani: over them, as you knew one of the organisers?
I believed that all the other 25 contestants where really beautiful and intelligent. It was difficult for me to think I would beat them but I was confident and that motivated me to do well
*Tell us about the big day when you were crowned Miss Tanzania?
Sumani: It was a memorable day, September 2, last year. It was an exclusive event held at the Diamond Jubilee Hall. There was a big crowd and of course among us contestants there was high tension, nervousness as well as excitement. Above all, there was anticipation for the car to be won as the grand prize. Thank God, that at the end of the night, I was the winner.Being Miss Tanzania, you qualified for the Miss World contest in Sanya, China.

* How was the experience at Miss World?
Sumani: Exciting. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences. I left home on November 10, 2005, and stayed a month in China with other contestants. It was overwhelming. We were given first class treatment. We stayed at the Sheraton, China and had legendary Alexander O'Neil perform live just for us. The Chinese performances were electrifying as well. Of course the main event was magical. Besides that, we had a lot of trips around China, visiting cities like Shanghai and places like the Nanshan temple in Sanya.
*How did it feel being chosen as Miss World Africa, and being so close to the title of Miss World?
Sumani: Unbelievable. I was left speechless for a while.
*How does it feel being the African queen?
Sumani: I am a simple person who is not into vanity. I carry myself around like any other average person.You earlier said that you contested for the Miss Tanzania title because you had a lot of time after finishing high school.
*Are you still in school?
Sumani: I just finished my O-level in Masai High School in Nairobi.
*You are Miss Tanzania, how come you studied in Nairobi not Tanzania?
Sumani: Both my parents Mr and Mrs Abraham Sumani have businesses in Nairobi so they decided that for convenience, I had to attend school in Nairobi. It was a good place. By the time I got there, I was a young girl from Dar es Salaam and growing up in Nairobi, a place with a different culture and way of life was pretty exciting because I love adventure.
*Tell us more about yourself?
Sumani: I was born in Arusha, Tanzania in 1986. I am turning 20 on August 7. I am a Leo. I spent most of my time in Nairobi but I usually go back to Dar es Salaam for holidays.Any childhood memories?I was a lucky naughty girl who was never caught 'in the act'.
*How would you describe your personality?
Sumani: Oh my God! (Smiles) I would put it in three words. I am open-minded, happy and content. You're such a beautiful young lady, are you still single?Very much indeed. *Well, would you mind painting us the picture of your ideal guy?
I like a confident 'brother' who is not easily intimidated. I like a person who is happy and content just like I am. He could be tall with a little bit of muscle though not too much.
*So you mean you've never walked past some guy and you feel like…he's cool?
Sumani: I have feelings and I have experienced crushes on guys but I am a pretty shy person. So I can't approach them.What things interest you?I love reading. I absolutely love adventure, more so adventurous travel for relaxation. I also love music.
*Talking about travelling, how many countries have you been to?
Sumani: I've been to Ireland, China, the UK and Kenya. I’ll visit Mauritius soon.
Why Mauritius of all places?
I will be travelling with Ms World. We shall be doing a little bit of charity work there. I guess it will be an adventurous trip because I have never been there before.
*Any future prospects?
Sumani: I intend to become a very prosperous corporate lawyer as well as business lady and entrepreneur. Who do you look up to in life?My parents. As a beauty queen, what's your most embarrassing moment?When I fell in a bank. It was very mortifying.


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